It is the rule of law, not the gun which guarantees security

It is the rule of law, not the gun which guarantees security

The gun may be the most recognizable trade dress of public authority and power but it must depend on the rule of law to keep the peace. KAMPALA - Our security will remain in a state of deliquesce if we don’t correct serious design defects which rely on the gun and not the rule of law to guarantee security.

Levy new social media tax on Facebook, not users

What I know is that this supposed idle talk earned social media giant Facebook about $5.85b in advertising revenue from overseas users in 2017 which is about a fifth of Uganda’s GDP standing at $25.53b (2016). I’m not a fan of lugambo (idle talk) on any day, but I hear that the Government of Uganda will levy a tax on social media ...

It’s wrong for banks to advertise pictures of loan defaulters

It is a repressive act which does not redeem the reputation of the banking industry and only serves to abuse the personal identity data of the Bank Customer and humiliate him or her. The practice of advertising identity photographs of loan defaulters...

To jail or not to jail a civil debtor - Fred Muwema

In criminal justice punishment theory, people are sentenced to serve time in confinement or prison to achieve the deterrence of a repetition of a crime, rehabilitation of the offender or retribution by way paying for the crime committed against society through jail time.