About Us

We are a full service Law firm of very highly competent, innovative and self-driven team. Since 1999, we have cultivated a culture that is premised on commercial pragmatism, technical and inter-personal skills required to deliver world class service tailored to suit our clients.

Our Mission
To be a professional and highly efficient law firm of choice to our Clients; rendering accurate and prudent legal services.

Our Objectives
We aim and commit to providing excellent Legal Services as the Hallmark of our legal practice as a law firm. We like challenges and have a track record of dealing with complex matters; we set out to understand the nature and operations of our Clients’ business and adopt a relevant, prudently practical, thorough and efficient approach to our Clients’ needs. 

We aim to deliver our services in a manner that makes commercial sense so that companies, institutions and individuals always see us as part of their solution when faced with difficult, innovative and novel challenges.

Why Choose Our Firm

We understand your business and industry

We take time to study and understand your business, the industry and environment in which you operate.This represents our dedication to accurately diagnose your legal and business needs, and to be your trusted, reliable insider, advisor and legal counsel.

Regular Reporting

We believe that our relation with you must be one based on communication and trust. Our poway is to provide accurate, regular written reports on all the assignments we will handle for our clients. We also purpose to meet our client's top management team or Board if appropriate at least twice a year to give a full account on all matters we  handle for clients.

Young and Energetic Staff

Our team is a blend of youthful and experienced individuals. Accordingly, we are more flexible with clients demands, and more responsive to their needs. As business minded lawyers, we take time to appreciate your business concerns and offer commercially prudent and practical legal advice.

Performance Appraisal and Continued Client Satisfaction Inquiry

Because of our desire to change and improve for the better, we periodically subject our performance to appraisal by our clients to enable us get feedback as regards the quality of work we do. This information helps us appreciate  the manner in which we handle our client's matters and to respond in a timely manner to the concerns raised by them.

Skilled and Experienced Staff

Our team has been adequately exposed to the operation and practice of the law, and acquired the requisite skill and experience to be a competent and reliable source of accurate legal advice. Our advocates’ training and professional experience in practical and complex transactions and litigation has informed their capacity to handle and resolve complex legal issues in contentious litigation proceedings at all tiers of our Court system.

Cost effective Mode of Work

As a Partner in your business, we have an obligation to give you the best value for your money, by advising and adopting every mode of work that is free of monetary extravagance